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          In April 1943, the predecessor of HBIS Tangsteel was established by Japanese company during its invasion of China, which was called Tangshan steel plant .

          Tangshan Steelmaking Company Gate

          Observatory for Monitoring Worker in Japanese Puppet Regime Period


          In 1952, HBIS Tangsteel successfully invented the “alkaline side-blown converter steel-making” method, and was nominated as the birthplace for alkaline side-blown converter steel-making in China. During that period, the company dispatched more than 200 technicians to many big steel producers in China to teach them technologies.

          Steelmaking Model Worker Zhao Xu Teaching Technology

          Group Photo of First Session of Converter Communication Meeting


          In July 28 of 1976, the Tangshan Earthquake shocked the world; Hesteel Tangsteel suffered heavy losses with more than 3,000 employees dead and injured. In November of the same year HBIS Tangsteel restarted production.

          The Collapsed Water Tower in Tangshan Earthquake

          Producing the Ambition Steel for Anti-earthquake


          In 1979, HBIS Tangsteel entered the Top 10 steel plants of China for its production passed 1million tons for the first time.

          Iron-making Plant Night Scene

          Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Ironmaking First Stage Project


          1994, HBIS Tangsteel formed a 2 million tons of annual capacity with iron making, steel making and rolling matching.

          The Scene of Coking and Gas Plant

          Company Gate


          In 2002, HBIS Tangsteel's production reached 5,065,300 tons, which among large steel producers that exceeded production of 5 million tons.

           Company Gate 

          Hot Rolled Plate Production Line in Operation


          In 2005, HBIS Tangsteel produced 10,066,600 tons and became the first enterprise that broke ten-million tons production in Hebei Province.

          Wire and Rod



          In June 30 of 2008, HBIS Group was established by the consolidation of former Tangshan steel Group and Handan steel Group together, which opened a new era for Hesteel Tangsteel's development. During this time, Hesteel Tangsteel implemented comprehensive methods for environment treatment with green transformation, and is known as "the world's cleanest steel company".

          The Secondary Worker’s Meeting of HBIS First Session

          Site Meeting of Build the Scientific Development Model Enterprise


          In January 15 2015, HBIS Tangsteel's high-strength automotive sheet project entered production commissioning . High-strength automotive sheet project is the first major industrial upgrading project after entering into the "twelfth five-year plan", also as the most important project for product structural adjustment of Hesteel Tangsteel.

          Annealing Line

          Galvanized Line